• Ndidi Ihim

The 3 Things that You Need to Know About a DIY Credit Repair

So you have decided that you might need to do your credit repair. It is probably because you just want to check how is it going with your credit score. Or, perhaps, you just need to know whether you need a credit fixing.

It is also because you do know you need one but you are not sure whether to do it on your own or to seek the help of a credit repair company. Whatever your reason is, here are the 3 things you might want to consider when doing your credit repair.


  1. Get a copy of your credit report

If you were under the impression that only finance companies, banks and merchants can ask for a credit report, you’re wrong. You, yourself, can do so though it will cost you some. You can take at least take copies from the following credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax since most of the financial institutions refer to the reports done by these bureaus when making their financial decisions.

2. Study your credit report carefully

So, great. The copy is with you now. So what you need to do next is review every item on the list and make you are not overlooking something. Remember that chances are great that someone has the same name as you so you need to confirm if you did have that debt on your list. It pays to be cautious, okay. If you decided to use a do-it-yourself credit repair kit, there are certain things that you must watch out for and you really should.

3. In case of errors, file a dispute

Lastly, if you find out anything to dispute, it’s time to fill-up the form for disputes and then approaching the credit bureau responsible for the erroneous credit report. Use the time to your advantage. You can file disputes during the busiest times of the year like the ones following Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Although it is possible to do your credit repair, you still have to make sure to be extremely cautious along the way. Arm yourself with the ample knowledge you need to do your credit repair by searching the Internet, reading credit repair books or purchasing a do-it-yourself credit repair kit.

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