• Ndidi Ihim

The Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score and Why You Should Follow Them

It is impossible to iterate enough how important is good credit. Having one can take you to places and will help you achieve your goals. May it be a student loan for your studies or a mortgage for your dream house, your credit history will be extremely important and starting to value it as early as possible is the key to getting the funds that you will need for your better future.

In any loan applications, your creditor or the lending institution will probably request a copy of your credit report and the credit score, which comes from an authorized credit-reporting agency. This will help them decide in which credit criteria you belong and if you are qualified, your interest rates.

You must be able to demonstrate good credit to be approved. Here’s what you can do to keep your credit score high and your credit good.

  1. Make your payments prompt and timely. Do not miss any deadlines.

  2. Meet the minimum monthly payments. This will fix your credit score remarkably.

  3. Lessen the number of credit card accounts you have open at any one time.

  4. Maintain available credit on your open accounts.

  5. Get a copy of your credit report at least once a year from each of the three national credit-reporting agencies.

  6. Review your reports for inaccuracies. You must clear up any mistakes that do appear in your report right away, time is crucial in this.

  7. Avoid opening various accounts all at one time, particularly if your credit history is not good. This tends to look a bit precarious to lenders because you are taking on a good deal of possible debt, all at once.

  8. Remember that you must know how to prioritize your needs. Drop those credit cards that are not required aside for a while. Then after you have recuperated from all the other debts, you can add these cards back into your wallet. The new accounts will lower the common age of your account and this is something that counts toward your FICO score.

  9. Do not open accounts that are not needed. They will just be a burden. Even if you have a very high income, you can still encounter some challenges.

  10. Make sure that you do not close accounts with the thought that the account will be removed from your record. That will not help at all. Closing accounts can sometimes even hurt your score.

Being cautious when it comes to your credit history will take you a long way. This may be a difficult task at first but the results are very rewarding.

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